The Oaks by Strand – Phase 1 Excavation and Shoring

December 2019 – July 2020
Client: Axiom Builders Inc.
Project Value: $2,100,000

730 Clarke Road, Coquitlam

Terra Contracting was awarded the Phase 1 excavation and shoring for The Oaks by Strand located in Coquitlam. This project required terra to bulk excavate an average of 8 m below existing ground elevations and install 4 rows of anchors with shotcrete. As well, some sections also required installation of solider piles. The geotechnical consultant for this project was GeoPacific.  

For this project, Terra excavated and removed approximately 36,500 m3 of soil. The machines Terra used for this project include a 490 size excavator, a 350 size excavator, and a 245 size excavator. For anchor and shoring, 14,500 sf of shotcrete, 8,000 lf of conventional anchors, and 300 lf of solider piles were installed.

Further to the excavation scope, Terra was also awarded the contract for the slab on grade preparation. As recognition of our performance, Terra has also been awarded the Phase 2 portion of the project starting in September 2020.

Key Highlights:

  • Excavation depth – 8 m
  • Excavated and removed 36,500 m3 of soil
  • Installed 4 rows of anchors along with soldier piles
  • Awarded Phase 2 portion of the development