Dunbar Legacy – Excavation and Shoring

April 2021 – October 2021
Client: Axiom Builders Inc.
Project Value: $2,000,000

4464 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC

Terra Contracting is proud to add to our portfolio the Dunbar
Legacy – Excavation and Shoring project. This project was awarded
to us by Axiom Builders and is one of three projects we completed
with Axiom in 2021.

For this project, Terra excavated and disposed over 20,500m3 of
soil and 5,200 mT of contaminated soil. Using 3 large excavators,
we excavated up to 10 m below exiting ground elevations and
installed 6 rows of anchor and shotcrete. The geotechnical
consultant for this project was GeoPacific.

Terra is proud to announce we completed the project within the
16-week schedule and we facilitated the installation of the crane
pad perfectly on schedule.

Key Highlights:

  • Excavation depth – 10 m
  • Excavated 20,500 m3 of soil
  • Disposed 5,200 mT of contaminated soil
  • Installed 6 rows of anchors