E15 – Soil Improvement & Sheetpile Walls

November 2021 – November 2022
Client: Urban One Builders
Project Value: 2.5 Million

320 East 15th Ave, Vancouver

The challenging site conditions, characterized by heavy ground water seepage and highly compressible native materials such as peat and silt, required the removal of all unsuitable materials that
could not support building loads.

Terra’s proposed solution involved the execution of excavation of the native fills using an alternate piling system, which consisted of Z-series sheetpile cantilever walls. This approach involved the installation of 148 pairs of 20-foot below-grade piles, the excavation and removal of 15,000 cubic meters of native materials, and the replacement with 13,000 metric tons of 3-inch minus engineered fill.

The installation of this engineered fill allowed for a shallow foundation option, optimized overall construction cost, and reduced the duration of the project. Terra executed this complex project successfully, meeting all the necessary specifications and standards.

Key Highlights:

  • Excavation of Native Fills
  • Installation of 148 Pairs of 20ft Below-Grade Piles
  • Installed 13,000 m3 of Engineered Fill
  • Removal of 15,000 m3 of Native Materials