Maywood on the Park – Excavation and Shoring

September 2019 – June 2020
Client: Axiom Builders Inc.
Project Value: $4,850,000

6463 Silver Ave, Burnaby

Terra Contracting was awarded the Maywood on the Park excavation and shoring project by Axiom Builders. This project required Terra to bulk excavate up to 18 m below existing ground elevations and the installation of 9 rows of anchors with shotcrete. The geotechnical consultants for this project was GeoPacific.

During this project, 53,000m3 of soil was excavated and disposed. The machines that Terra used were two 350 sized excavators and one long reach excavator. For the anchor and shoring, two drilling crews were used simultaneously to install 36,000 sf of 4” shotcrete, 28,000 lf of R32S IBO anchors, and 8,000 lf of #8 conventional anchors.

Terra Contracting completed the project within a 10-month schedule and expedited the schedule for installing the tower crane weeks earlier than scheduled.


  • Excavation depth – 18 m
  • Excavate 53,000m3 of soil
  • Expedited schedule
  • Installed 9 rows of anchor