Port Moody Cascade Capacity Expansion Project – Culvert Extensions

February  – April 2020
Client: Canadian Pacific Railway

The Cascade track expansion project is located near Suncor plant along the Burrard Inlet. The track expansion runs 12km total along the most sensitive part of Burrard Inlet.

Terra was tasked to complete all culvert realignment and extension as part of the track expansion. With strategic water management, and siltation control measures, Terra was able to perform the extensions on schedule, while being Environmental compliant.

Due to track occupancy, and schedule constraint; some of the work was performed at night and over the weekend. Terra was able to complete all planned tasks within the tight time constraints.

Key Highlights:

  • Worked during active railway
  • Installed 100m+ of Culvert Extension
  • Environmentally sensitive site
  • Involved nightwork