Richmond South Dike Upgrade Between No.3 and No.4 Road

August 2021 – April 2022
Client: City of Richmond
Project Value: $2,000,000

Between No.3 and No.4 Road & intersecting Dyke Road, Richmond

In August of 2021, Terra was awarded the Richmond South Dike Upgrade project by the City of Richmond. This municipal tender was awarded to Terra due to a combination of our strong proposal and estimate.

As part of the City’s long-term flood protection plan, the goal for this project is raise the diking system approximately 1.2 m from existing elevation. Due to the project being located at a beloved dog park, Terra took special care when it came it came to communications between the public, municipality, and the consultants. Throughout the project, Terra worked closely with the consultants and together we overcame challenges such as geotechnical conditions and abnormal extreme weather.

As a testament of proposal and estimate, Terra will also be constructing the No.9 Road South Dike Upgrade starting Summer of 2022.

Key Highlights:

  • Raise over 800 m of existing dike system
  • Supply and import 14,000 m3 of bulk fill
  • Strong estimate and proposal
  • Overcame unexpected challenges