Sapperton Ground Improvement

December 2019 – August 2020
Client: Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Project Value: 7.6 million

A design build contract awarded by CP Rail, with track expansion work up to 3 Kilometers Long. The track expansion crossed multiple Ministry Transportation overpasses, and Trans mountain utility crossing. The scope of work included the design and construction of ground improvement using CMC and BMC piling systems along the subgrade of the new track alignment. The sensitive and poor geotechnical condition on this project posed the biggest challenges. Using strategic methods of ground improvement system, and extensive water control program, the project team was able to overcome challenging conditions.

Like all CP Rail projects, safety and environmental protection were highly regarded. With care, attention to detail, communication, and pro-active attitude, Terra was able to build on its safety and environmental experience, achieving high level compliance at the same time.

Despite the variance in a design build project, with the help of Menard Canada, Terra was able to deliver milestones efficiently and on time. This Terra project was able to exemplify the possibility of achieving high level of safety standard while excelling on schedule demand.

Key Highlights:

  • Installed over 900m of HDPE pipe
  • CP rail track expansion up to 3km
  • Worked during active railway
  • Environmentally sensitive site
  • Removed 2000m3 of contaminated soil