West Hastings – Excavation and Shoring

April 2021 – January 2021
Client: Axiom Builders Inc.
Project Value: $2,500,000

48 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC

Terra provided crews and equipment to excavate 28,000m3 of
material and provide shoring for up to 4 rows of anchors and
installation of pipe piles. Terra provided assistance in removal of
asbestos contaminated material, and work with environmentalists
to assess and remove contamination offsite. Terra followed all
safety regulations and work safe procedures while working in the
most challenging neighbourhoods of the lower mainland.

Terra provided disposal facilities for a variety of materials including
Japanese beetle, concrete with rebar, concrete, asphalt, blue clay,
sand, sandstone, CL+ and RL+ contamination, boulders, and red
brick mixed with building debris.

Key Highlights:

  • Excavation depth – 9 m
  • Excavated 28,500m3 of soil
  • Removed and disposed various contaminated materials
  • Installed 4 rows of anchor